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  Somerton Project

We were looking for an outdoor space to compliment our new home and to meet the needs of our lifestyle. After initial consultation with the designer, we decided to engage their services to create a design to meet our criteria.

We were particularly happy with the way the design was able to evolve as the house progressed, working with the designer during this process was a friendly and professional experience.

We are thrilled with the results and feel that the garden really does 'feed the soul' just as they said it would! The low maintenance and family friendly design makes it even easier to enjoy the space.

Jodie and Andrew

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  Crafers Project

Kerrie worked with us to design our dream garden and outdoor living area. Through her friendly and professional team of landscapers and tradespeople she created a space that is gorgeous, low-maintenance and loved by native birds and wildlife

Graham Smith

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  Woodside Project

The design of our Adelaide hills garden at Woodside was a large project. Kerrie, after discussions with us, managed to design a garden that fitted well with our Georgian style house incorporating our own general ideas, yet was water wise over such a large area.

The project took many months but was done in a sensitive manner to minimise disruption to our daily activities. Nothing was too much of a trouble for Kerrie’s team.

The garden is now almost a year old and we are very pleased with the results. The design of the garden has become a living thing which has grown even further since the original works.

Through the garden, a friendship has developed between Kerrie and ourselves. It has been a pleasure to work with Kerrie in establishing the grounds. I highly recommend Kerrie to anyone who wants a garden to be that special place to spend time within.

Rose & Ted, Woodside Project

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  Miramonte Courtyard

Kerrie Griffin-Moore was referred to me by a builder who was renovating a couple of townhouse units in which I live. The initial meeting was with my parents with a brief to simply “gut” the backyards and redesign with a minimalist low maintenance space.

Several weeks later I met Kerrie who had brought a detailed plan, incorporating stone paved courtyards, retaining walls, a lightweight rendered dividing fence and side gates and a structured plant layout on irrigation lines. Kerrie had also worked out I wasn’t a gardener and brought plant tickets so I could see the selections. It was exactly what I wanted and there were no changes !! – she listened, understood, advised and created the design.

Kerrie is very passionate in her work and one couldn’t help to be impressed with how particular she is in sourcing the materials which included imported stone pavers, pots and the garden plants. Kerrie also manages her contractors, who were all courteous and very tidy, with regular visits and keeping me fully informed as work progressed – which is most appreciative if you are not at home.

And then there were the “little things” along the way that Kerrie organised which all helped to make the job complete – like the wall mounted clothesline, wider paths for the bins, roofing the pergola and garden lighting to enhance the space in the evenings.

As the backyards were being completed and I could see the results, I asked Kerrie to do a design brief for the front garden areas. Several years ago these areas were well-manicured lawns but with water, restrictions had become simply grass and dirt. I wanted low maintenance, water-wise garden with plants which would “soften” and blend with the brick townhouses.

Kerrie’s design was a layered structure with several types of plants. The contractors dug out the front areas and replaced the soil and irrigation lines, completing the planting out just before the autumn rains this year.

We are now into spring and both the front and back gardens have flourished.
It is now a pleasure to have the best garden in the street !!
I wanted a stunning and quality “wow” and I have, thank-you Kerrie.

I am pleased to recommend Kerrie. She is professional, has a very personable nature and is so passionate in her work.

Miramonte Courtyard

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  Firle Courtyard, Firle, South Australia

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Kerrie Griffin-Moore who transformed my strong ideas for my courtyard into an elegant reality. At our first consultation, I sensed that she was a practical gardener with an artistic flair and a passion for creating a garden that I wanted.

Having lived in Asia for many years, I wanted the courtyard to reflect the subtle influences of Japan and China in an Adelaide environment. Kerrie listened very carefully to what I wanted and quickly abandoned any ideas of huge stainless steel BBQs! All the features I wanted were included in her first plan and I am delighted with her choice of plants. She correctly deduced that I am not a gardener and presented me with plants that I will be able to manage.

Kerrie worked within my budget which took into account the cost of espaliered trees and plants that are past the seedling stage which is a significant consideration. She seems to have assembled a good team of contractors; the one who was responsible for the paving and irrigation was particularly thorough, courteous, neat and tidy. I appreciated the way Kerrie responded to any of my concerns and kept me well informed of what and whom to expect almost on a Daily basis.

Above all, Kerrie is a great source of information; she is pleasant and professional, enthusiastic and fun to work with. Creating my courtyard was a very pleasant experience and I am delighted with the exciting results.


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  Helen and Ian, Burnside

Ms Kerrie Griffin-Moore has been engaged by my wife, Helen, and myself to undertake a landscaping project at our home. The task was complex, involving a steeply sloping block and included construction of stone retaining walls, the creation of water features, planning the design of the garden and planting appropriate shrubs and trees.

From the outset, we have been impressed by Kerrie's enthusiasm and vision and the professionalism with which she has approached her work.

She has been involved in all aspects of the project which has included arranging surveying of the block, planning the layout of the garden, engaging the contractors and coordination and supervision of their work.

We have been very satisfied with the end result of Kerrie's work and the garden is pleasing, both aesthetically and functionally.

Helen and I have no hesitation in recommending Kerrie as a capable, innovative and professional landscape garden designer.

Helen and Ian

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  Bec, Tim & Kaden

We engaged the services of Kerrie Griffin-Moore to assist us in the renovation of our backyard. We purchased a house with a very steep backyard and were unsure where to begin or even what was possible.

Kerrie listened to what we wanted, gave great advice and developed a plan which was all that we wanted and more. She incorporated the slope of the land and natural surroundings, my growing son and even the family dog. Kerrie’s design also allowed us to break down the project into manageable portions where we could do a piece at a time as finances and time allowed. In having an end design insight we could see what the future held for areas of the garden and could structure the projects in a logical order.

The planting plan was superb, incorporating my favourite plants while also blending in others I had never heard of. All while being sympathetic to current water limitations.

Kerrie has a great passion for what she does and this comes through in the service she provides. I have no hesitation in recommending Kerrie’s services. Even if, like us, you are unsure of what to do and where to start to give Kerrie a call and allow her to come around for a consultation. Instantly she will give you ideas you have never dreamed of and that perfect garden will begin to become a reality.

Thank you for all of your help Kerrie

Bec, Tim & Kaden

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  Hazelwood Park Project

The site

- FRONT GARDEN contained two very large red river gums, plus a large date palm. It was a difficult site, as one gum crossed the front boundary

- REAR GARDEN previously landscaped because of installation of a lap pool. However, some plants were unsuitable in a western situation and have been replaced.

REQUIREMENTS - the front garden did not look finished, and we felt it required some fencing. The date palm had a large number of roots showing which looked untidy, and plants were not put in any particular order.

Kerrie drew up a plan for us and it was underway within a few weeks. The fence was designed to match the balcony of the house, and the date palm had a matching wall built around the base to match the fence, this, in turn, turned the palm into a real feature.

All plants are water-wise, and although the job was finished within days of a heatwave, nearly all have survived. We are very pleased with the result and have an interesting front garden with some nice colour contrasts.

Thank you Kerrie.

Janet Marriot

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  Large Urban Garden with pool at Mawson Lakes

We engaged Kerrie to completely redesign our double size backyard. She listened to our concerns over the existing landscaping that we had inherited and our ideas, hopes and dreams for our new garden. We found Kerrie to have a warm and friendly personality with a focus on service, communication and building relationships. We appreciated her refreshing approach to design and building for the client, the garden they want. Kerrie constantly offered us design solutions, options, advice and guidance from the initial consultation through to the finishing touches and it shows. Her ability to be flexible and to work with us as our ideas evolved was greatly appreciated throughout the 12month complex project.

Kerrie designed, quoted and liaison with consultants, council, an architect and builder. She also coordinated the contractors through to competition. Kerrie also commissioned 3 unique mosaic features works of art. She sourced, selected and supplied pots, lighting, and fans for under the additional new pergola, plants, pavers, the colours and finishes for all elements of our personal project.

Our garden setting includes an architecturally designed outdoor bathroom, personally designed large concrete in-ground pool with a tiled mosaic feature, poolside outdoor lounge room, full outdoor kitchen with wood oven and dining entertaining area, extensive lightweight rendered walling, designer shed, 2 Mosaic walled water features, massive paving and boutique lawn areas. The end result is a very personal, private and elegant value adding a garden setting that honours our cultural heritage, the architecture of our home and our taste. It meets all lifestyle needs and is a joy to look out into from our family living areas and a pleasure to live and play in.

I highly recommend Kerrie’s professional services and skills to you. We found working with Kerrie to be a productive, successful and enjoyable experience, thank you.

Large Urban Garden with pool at Mawson Lakes

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