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Inspirational Clothing

'Every woman should realise her own worth. 

Appreciating her body, her spirit, intelligence and her values, 

enabling her to stand by her decisions, to love and respect herself ...'




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Multi-wrap Skirt/Top 


Multi-wrap - Black

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Knit Wrap Skirt/Top $100.00 ($135-00 with sash)

Multi-wear knit skirt an ideal piece for every wardrobe, wear as a long wrap skirt, a top, a dress  

Instructions are provided on the various ways to tie the skirt to help you get started, but I encourage you to experiment on your own to see what new styles you can create! 


** Click here to see 10 different ways to wear it! **




bulletOne size fits most
bulletFabric: 94% Viscose, 6% Spandex
bulletMade in Western Australia


        Multi-Wrap Skirt/Top  












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Two-Tone Sash $35.00

A fabulous and easy way to add style to your wardrobe, tie under the bust to create an elegant empire line, tie at waist to hide that little buldge or the top of your jeans, use as headband, or simply throw around your neck for a flash of colour.

bulletOne size
bulletFabric: 94% Viscose, 6% Spandex
bulletMade in Western Australia

      Two-Tone Sash  


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