"Creating a living work of art that is a value adding setting for your home and lifestyle"


Kerrie Griffin-Moore Garden Design & Consultations, the recipient of:


The "2009 Award of Excellence for Design of a Commercial Landscape between $100,000 - $500,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.

The "2008 Award of Excellence for Design of a Residential Landscape under $60,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.       


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Hazelwood Park (click for testimonial)

Front Yard - Before

   Hazelwood   before garden design   front yard before design  before garden design   before design


Front Yard - After

front yard after   with garden design   garden redesigned   with redesigned garden


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Seaford (click for testimonial)

 Rear Yard - Before

Seaford - before garden design   rear garden   back yard before design   before redesign of rear yard   before yard  


 Rear Yard - After


seaford after design   side yard garden   completed back garden   back garden design  


 Front Yard - Before

front yard


 Front Yard - After

Front garden seaford   front driveway   front garden design   front view of house and garden   council verge   front garden design seaford


 Front Yard - Next Season

established council verge   one seasons growth   beautiful water-wise planting



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Henley Beach Garden before and after

 2005_0917(025).gif (111873 bytes)   aftershots9.jpg (843104 bytes)  2005_0917(035).JPG (912878 bytes)  aftershots5.jpg (836937 bytes)  aftershots6.jpg (759204 bytes)  

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   2005_0917(039).JPG (937442 bytes)  aftershots14.jpg (889750 bytes)  aftershots17.jpg (883195 bytes)  aftershots16.jpg (858874 bytes)


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Mitcham Planting plan after (click for testimonial)

    DSCF3037.JPG (749826 bytes)  DSCF3039.JPG (761160 bytes)  DSCF3041.JPG (814575 bytes)  DSCF3034.JPG (816374 bytes)  DSCF3032.JPG (860999 bytes)


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Rostrevor Garden (click for testimonial)

Rear Yard - Before                                                                       Rear Yard - After

Rostrevor rear yard before   Rostrevor rear garden before                                                      Rear yard after planting   Back yard after plantings   back garden after planting


Front Yard at Setting Out & Planting

IMG_0910.JPG (1075262 bytes)  IMG_0895.JPG (1137667 bytes)  IMG_0956.JPG (1494947 bytes)  IMG_0981.JPG (1359739 bytes)  IMG_0983.JPG (1219127 bytes)  IMG_0984.JPG (1428444 bytes)  IMG_0985.JPG (1317413 bytes)

IMG_0986.JPG (1573725 bytes)


Front Yard 2 Years On...

front garden street appeal   Front yard 2 years from planting   front yard several seasons growth   front garden beautiful   front yard water feature   front garden design  


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Beaumont Planting Plan - before and after

Copy of DSCF3591.JPG (919744 bytes)  DSCF3589.JPG (925571 bytes)  DSCF3593.JPG (876732 bytes)  DSCF3596.JPG (929890 bytes)  DSCF3602.JPG (792422 bytes)  DSCF3594.JPG (800014 bytes)  DSCF3600.JPG (829169 bytes)


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Dulwich Garden before and after (click for testimonial)

2004_0605(033).JPG (868188 bytes)  2004_0605(034).JPG (1020321 bytes)  2004_0605(044).JPG (893426 bytes)  2004_0605(018).JPG (973497 bytes)  2004_0605(006).JPG (1697497 bytes)  2004_0605(001).JPG (1656447 bytes)  2004_0605(002).JPG (1661277 bytes)

  DSCF3727.JPG (928674 bytes)  DSCF3720.JPG (885851 bytes)  2005_0330(016).JPG (800672 bytes)  DSCF3714.JPG (819443 bytes)  DSCF3713.JPG (827190 bytes)  DSCF3715.JPG (773330 bytes) 

  DSCF3706.JPG (808352 bytes)  2005_0330(020).JPG (839362 bytes)  DSCF3701.JPG (786996 bytes)  DSC_7836.JPG (1821957 bytes)  DSC_7801.JPG (1636861 bytes)



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Contact Information:

Kerrie Griffin-Moore
PO Box 1077, Stirling, SA 5152
Mobile: 0417 820 715
E-mail: kerrie@kgmgardendesign.com.au




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