"Creating a living work of art that is a value adding setting for your home and lifestyle"


Kerrie Griffin-Moore Garden Design & Consultations, the recipient of:


The "2009 Award of Excellence for Design of a Commercial Landscape between $100,000 - $500,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.

The "2008 Award of Excellence for Design of a Residential Landscape under $60,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.       


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I am a passionate designer, horticulturalist & gardener who has learnt nature is our teacher. It cares for and nurtures us. It teaches us of the cycles of life and working with the seasons. My passion & knowledge for creating gardens is based on the wisdom that comes from sitting with, embracing and enhancing those natural elements that bring peace into our home environment.  

Creating a garden that includes all the elements of earth, wind, water, fire, wood and metal & is an opportunity to express who you are. These gardens are an opportunity to create a productive garden that offers you organic self-sufficiency, with non-dig raised garden beds, suitable for crop rotation and companion planting techniques. This can be creatively carried out in a family or community garden that feeds the gardeners on many levels. These gardens offer us a way to connect with ourselves, the earth, Mother Nature and other souls; it encourages individuals to communicate and share of themselves in a positive and productive manner.

In today’s climate, no matter what style, size or feel of garden you have or desire, there is an urgent need for practicing environmentally conscious gardening techniques.  We can have our haven, whilst respecting the need to create gardens that are water efficient and climate compatible. They offers us another opportunity to make a difference by recycling gray water, mulching, recycling garden refuge and working this organic matter back into the soil, we nurture our part of the planet, in a meaningful way. Please visit my friend Julie's website for great organic gardening information.

When we consciously implement these practices and we share our experiences and results with others, we continue to nurture others and our spirit. Using recycled materials to construct our sacred spaces and the features in it, is not only a way to express our individual creativity, it will also supports our limited resources.



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