"Creating a living work of art that is a value adding setting for your home and lifestyle"


Kerrie Griffin-Moore Garden Design & Consultations, the recipient of:


The "2009 Award of Excellence for Design of a Commercial Landscape between $100,000 - $500,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.

The "2008 Award of Excellence for Design of a Residential Landscape under $60,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.       


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I will create for you a well-designed sanctuary garden that offers a personal setting for the home that complements and enhances the architecture. A sacred space that is an extension of your living areas and requires planning, structure, flow and balancing the practical needs with the desired aesthetics of the individual or family it is intended for and it is value adding to your  lifestyle and home. 

It is important that the garden we live in becomes our sanctuary, a place for recreation and reflection, outdoor rooms that are functional, aesthetic pleasing & inviting - our sacred spaces. I will listen to your thoughts, ideas, and feelings around what this means for you and work with you to create your personal sanctuary garden. 

It can be what ever you want or need it to be! It can offer you many benefits, be called many names and can take many different forms.  It may include a space to meditate in, with an altar that has on it a collection of your own special symbols.



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