"Creating a living work of art that is a value adding setting for your home and lifestyle"


Kerrie Griffin-Moore Garden Design & Consultations, the recipient of:


The "2009 Award of Excellence for Design of a Commercial Landscape between $100,000 - $500,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.

The "2008 Award of Excellence for Design of a Residential Landscape under $60,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.       


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Woodside Garden (click for testimonial)

 Woodside Yard - Before

Between Buildings   Vehicle Turnaround   Front Of Property   Before Garden Design   View Of Driveway

Side Yard   Pool Area   Pool Before Landscaping   Rear Yard   Side Garden Before Garden Design and Landscaping


 Woodside Garden - After

Beautifully Transformed   Lovely Landscaping   Side Yard   Garden Layers   Manicured Stylish Garden

Layered Garden Design   Pathway   Buildings United by Garden   Peaceful Nook   Gorgeous Pool and Surrounds

Artistic Garden Design   Around the Pool   Long View Of Front Garden   A Rustic Touch   Close Up of Home Entrance

> Beautiful Curves   Front Garden Focal Point   Stunning Front Garden    Beautiful Garden Feature



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Crafers Rear Garden

 Rear Yard - Before

Crafers Rear Yard - before   before garden design   crafers verandah   Sleepers As Steps   back yard 

 >patchy lawn before    rear of the house before    kids play area before garden design



 Rear Garden - After

  >crafers rear garden design    designer garden   steps in crafers   outdoor kitchen 

 >outdoor decking  grasses   beautiful garden pathway   gorgeous garden design



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Kapunda Labyrinth

setting out   setting out 2   setting out 3   setting out 4        

labyrinth detail   labyrinth detail   labyrinth complete   labyrinth


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Burnside hillside Garden before and after (click for testimonial)

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Coromandel Valley Garden before and after

2004_1027(002).JPG (799155 bytes)  2005_0204(006).JPG (851102 bytes)  2004_1027(003).JPG (869360 bytes)  2004_1027(010).JPG (848894 bytes)  2005_0201(001).JPG (901110 bytes)  2005_0203(002).JPG (926632 bytes)  2005_0210(001).JPG (882862 bytes)

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Bridgewater Peace Garden

Front Garden - Before

2005_0710(012).JPG (944986 bytes)  2005_0710(013).JPG (845375 bytes)  2005_0710(016).JPG (879883 bytes)  2005_0710(017).JPG (878319 bytes)  2005_0710(021).JPG (907859 bytes)  2005_0710(024).JPG (889976 bytes)  2005_0710(026).JPG (857403 bytes)

DSCF3659.JPG (852612 bytes) 

Front Garden - New Design & Plantings

DSCF3668.JPG (888885 bytes)  DSCF3669.JPG (868140 bytes)  DSCF3665.JPG (940408 bytes)  DSCF3661.JPG (864485 bytes)  DSCF3655.JPG (879475 bytes)  DSCF3654.JPG (870643 bytes)

DSCF3058.JPG (779929 bytes)   DSCF3059.JPG (747551 bytes)   DSCF3056.JPG (792625 bytes)  DSCF3653.JPG (896995 bytes)      DSCF3666.JPG (742241 bytes)  DSCF3663.JPG (757977 bytes) 


Front Garden - Several Seasons On...

Peace garden   garden path   Peace & Tranquility        

garden statues   front garden entrance   garden textures   water feature   garden palette   sacred garden  

garden feature   dragon statue    peaceful garden   autumn colours   happy garden   stunning autumn colour   beautiful garden  


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Littlehampton Garden before and after

2005_0602(006).JPG (1027465 bytes)  2005_0602(008).JPG (859114 bytes)  2005_0602(010).JPG (852355 bytes)  2005_0602(011).JPG (928370 bytes)  2005_0602(013).JPG (909456 bytes)  2005_0602(014).JPG (755788 bytes)  2005_0602(016).JPG (881445 bytes)

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  2005_0915(016).JPG (785968 bytes)  2005_0915(018).JPG (770865 bytes)  DSCF3604.JPG (958738 bytes)  DSCF3609.JPG (900617 bytes)  DSCF3610.JPG (832547 bytes)

       DSCF3611.JPG (893018 bytes)  DSCF3617.JPG (902829 bytes)  DSCF3618.JPG (902927 bytes)  DSCF3619.JPG (906757 bytes)


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Contact Information:

Kerrie Griffin-Moore
PO Box 1077, Stirling, SA 5152
Mobile: 0417 820 715
E-mail: kerrie@kgmgardendesign.com.au



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