"Creating a living work of art that is a value adding setting for your home and lifestyle"


Kerrie Griffin-Moore Garden Design & Consultations, the recipient of:


The "2009 Award of Excellence for Design of a Commercial Landscape between $100,000 - $500,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.

The "2008 Award of Excellence for Design of a Residential Landscape under $60,000" from the Landscape Association of South Australia.       


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Miramonte Courtyards (click for testimonial)

Rear Yard - Before

back verandah   back yard   back yard view   rear pergola   rear yard   side yard


Rear Yard - After

   beautiful design   rear garden   rear garden        

back yard design   back yard design   pergola area   plantings   retained rear yard


Front Yard - After (mirrored front courtyard gardens)

      front courtyard   front courtyard garden   front garden design   front view   simple design

 cycads in front design   pretty front yard   feature plants   autumn


Front Yard - Established (mirrored front courtyard gardens)

Established garden   courtyard garden   beautiful garden   pretty front garden   pretty front courtyard   established courtyard garden design   water wise gardening



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Firle courtyard - before and after (click for testimonial)


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Goodwood Courtyard before and after


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Contact Information:

Kerrie Griffin-Moore
PO Box 1077, Stirling, SA 5152
Mobile: 0417 820 715
E-mail: kerrie@kgmgardendesign.com.au



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